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48 Seoul, Seoul, Korea, South
Seeking: Female 32 - 39
Enthusiastic. Efforts to live and himself. Various sports activities, including love it. It is also good music, reading books. Not to mention the trip. Oh Hey! These days, he was engrossed in a camping trip, find lent a magazine reporter. In addition, you must translate the side and the image. English speaking and without much difficulty. These days, and studying Japanese. Japan and Australia. If not just get out. One day long time to travel to the country they wish to... Many of the division, and I want to meet with thoughtful and Dream ~ 02:00 don't vegetable field of a resource teacher. But I think my english is perfect mean that doesn't i'm alright. Join this site to make a real human relationship i've not to have a teacher. It will be so exciting titled to talk to a new friend from different countries. Also by this reporter 02:00 can't wait! Who knows? We might find the right one for ourselves too! My character is calm and sincere. But I actually talk that much. don't talkative system.runtime.compilerservices.loadhint.always indicates I guess it depends on the person who i'm with. Full of i'm curiosity. I mean all the time. But I know what I want a dreamer i'm not to do in this life and it that delivers more willing to achieve i'm A writer and a translator. i'm And also a climber. i'm Not a pro but as a amature, i'm at advanced level. In love with the mother nature! i'm I love to be there as much as I can. But I also like being in the urban area and hang out with friends. I hope everyone to have a good luck finding someone special!
54 Seoul, Seoul, Korea, South
Seeking: Female 46 - 68
Good day. Welcome back. I like walking, exercising and walking. (Not that he’s a big, open-minded (open-minded) face. There are serious cases, and there are indifferent ones ...^^ the place where I often go and talk to them is the place where I have a sign made of "khan" with "sky" and "public seven children" in succession, and it is in the place called "9-me-il." I love a woman who can find her. Also, the song is like any other song, and the original Alain Barri è re ( UN Poete) to Kim won Joong Jik -nyeo, the Ba Wi Sum Yoon Joong-Jung - come and go and I like Kim Choo Ja, Hye Eun Lee, and Jo Deok BAE. I used to drive a car and drive a car a few years ago, and now I use the subway and bus I don't think that I was in a car accident, and I didn't feel any bad. If you want to meet someone who is in the mountains, you have to meet them in Seoul or near Seoul. Or you want to meet your partner in a place where you can meet each other, in a mountain or a park. Going to the mountain together? I want to go up the mountain and see the distance . I think it is more important to be able to share with each other (and to share with each other) than to share with each other how much we are (and how much we are). In fact, I know that we have had a lot of couples in our past. I just didn’t show it! Isn’t it too much of a mess on TV or on TV? I think about it. (Especially, this part is for the vested interests of our country (broadcasting) because entertainment programs play a role in hiding social problems.) so, there are a lot of cultures in Korea that compare people with others, and it seems to produce a lot of social problems. I think the men and women in Korea and abroad are very different.
53 Seoul, Seoul, Korea, South
Seeking: Female
-(too long)-(long)- -(the last time you read -(not)-(you)-(free)--- -(the last time)-(the last time) read -- -(thanks)-(I don't)-(the last time)-(the last time))-(the last time))(the date))(the date)(the date))(the date)(the date of the date of the date of the date of the date of the date of the date of the date of birth-(date).-(the date of the date of the date of the date of the date of the date of the date of the date of the date of the date of the date of the date of the date of the date of the date of the date of the date of the date of the date of the date of the date of the date of birth - -(Talk) shooting -(fresh)-(manner) with meeting!!!! --(the surroundings) -- changing their body (color) -- (chameleon) -- of love -- not, -- of self -- according to (the surroundings) (true and valuable love)- -(chameleon)-(cider)- -(meaning)- (good) thinking--(man)-(me)-(to)-(you)-(your) attention-(send)-(shinillku)-(men)-(men the last letter in the word "I love you" is "he" when you want to join us. the word "he" means "he" until you die. the journey of life is to know the world of another person, who is not the only person in the world, who is not the same gender. the journey of life is to know the world of another person, who is not the train. 맀 what did you think?!the link between the train's connected rooms Yu Yagi/elementary school students/junior high school students/adults. The time that keeps moving away from the window. Don't try to hold onto the time. - I lived without regret!- The only I who can say this. The man is a human being. The woman is like a human being, but the person who can create a different. the sky. the person who creates a human being. Dana. -the soul. Dana. Dana. Dana. Dana. I can't fully introduce myself to the sea. -------------------------------------------------------- If your parents are alive, your children and parents cannot be the same age. (Farming) If you want to have an apple in Seoul, you must pay for the apple. 1. (My income)+(Agricultural goods)-Sales = increase. (Agricultural)--------------------------------------------------------------------------- \N-(parents) who are weighing their profession.you can refuse me.- * the only person in this world.you are.your parents who gave birth to you.your life is clearly why you exist in this world!- (camera) pixels.~the person in the picture is better than the person in the world.you are.your parents are there.the person who gave birth to you and raised you.the light of your life.the candle will be the light.the light of your life. -life. a candle that blunzes, silently raveling the world, boldly bewitched to the wind, the candle raveling the world, even at the sacrifice of itself, the wind blowing, the candle being extinguished, and in its place a lot of white smoke in the dead, let it burn high to the sky for the sacrifice of the candle Dear one! the only noble in the world! Bless himself, burn himself, humble himself, ..... The candle, silently withstood the hot temptations, the candle, so small as it is in the name of its mission! You are so small, so pure, so pure, so pure, so dead, so precious, so precious, your tears that have fallen to the ground! (Married)-(divorced)-(widowed)-(single)- -(human)--born-grown-grown-adult--struggling--(bereavement)-(bereavement)- I bought a 200-pyeong (or larger) apartment with open hands. I think it is worth it. -(direct-lyricist-)-(words of song)- I give it to you.- -(lyricist)- myself- a sad lover who meets as a handful of material. a lover who holds hands together, and looks at each other, 恨 the fruits of his love, the fruits of his love the love that has sprouted but has achieved its fruits as the soul of two souls. -(considered)- the heartbreaking lover that meets as a handful of ashes. the lover that meets hands together, the love that has been touched with the love's fresh affection in the snow. 恨 the sky collects the love's affection and becomes the soul of the soul. 恨 the scent of love that has sprouted but not sprouted, is Chypre -(Kathak-WeChat-Line-Skype)



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