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59 Seoul, Seoul, Korea, South
Seeking: Female 18 - 40
★★★ MY Life ,,, SOUTH KOREA ★what messenger do YOU use on YOUR phone ? will YOU let me know? or ADD ME? (My goal is marriage so soon, life is short, let's talk sincerely about marriage) Have YOU ever been to KOREA ? l'm the very successful self made businessman,because,the very early of my school days(i was so young),and all throughout of my school days,i was terribly poor,but i had talents,big dreams n i was very healthy,strong,energetic,n i was an ambitious man. so i had to make money to go to school by myself. after graduate school(MA),n i was discharged as an airforce captain(airforce officer) until my business succeeds,l lived in Hell,l lived like a War.i had many sufferings(tears) n sadness n loneliness.so,, my life is a heartbreaking story.i sacrificed all of myself for only my successful business unfortunately,until now. after being discharged from the airforce,i started my own business,at the beginning,educational business,after that publishing co, now, those two+ my own big buildings rental business(i have 4 big buildings,3 in center of seoul,1 in a foreign country) now i have succeeded, possibility of 10 thousandths with my talents,effort,adventure, n good luck. now i"ve about 100 billion won(KRW),my net income,at least 100 million won(KRW), every month. n l'm living in a big n beautiful house alone,the first class residential area in seoul,most of popular korean TV dramas were filmed in my house n around my house. but i feel sufferings(tears) n sadness n loneliness still,because i"m single still. now l am super rich,so lf WE get married,YOU don't have to make money.YOU are free from making money dear,so l want a♣Housewife♣so WE can travel(sports) TOGETHER all over the world of paradise every where only with YOU,n l"ll live with YOU only.we can enjoy TOGETHER what WE want to do everything in the world with OUR huge money n great wealth. ★my life story is mentioned only For the reason,n explain why I am still single,Never misunderstand,my dear n if YOU r not by my side,my success is only 1/2(half) success.l've never had a beautiful love n l've never been married.my success n everything is only for you.n pl.understand me,u r beautiful n younger.I am the very pure man,YOU can meet the Pure Gentleman.100% true.lf YOU come to Seoul l will show YOU all my everything.When will u come to korea /life is short/my dear? Let's change our lives with marriage.we need more talking.I am waiting for YOUR good messages,sincerely !!!
41 Seoul, Seoul, Korea, South
Seeking: Female 27 - 45
51 Seoul, Seoul, Korea, South
Seeking: Female 25 - 43
I am Swiss - American of Japanese descent, Parisian Manhattanite by upbringing, a new Republican in a good standing, and an Anglican to boot, have a healthy sense of humor with degree of sarcasm directly depending on the degree of the satiety (I can hold on sarcasm, for the sake of appearances usually, but when I am hungry, then...) I am not a Bible thumper, and I haven't been to the deep South either - it was one of the twists of fate, that I became born again (I was christened in a Catholic church, by the way). Although, I am registered Republican, I do not agree with the platform of our party to the full extent. My formative years were spent in Paris, France - I attended lycee there, and I was a prim and proper athletic nerd, ie, I had been always in the top three of my class, but I also was involved in various sports activities (rugby, hockey, tennis, rock climbing, parachuting, scuba, track, basketball, volleyball, speed skating, Greco - Roman wrestling, kendo, boxing, gun and rifle club), and on the side I was into night drag racing, rock - n - roll (Alice Cooper, 'Judas Priest', 'Iron Maiden'). My interests in music vary from that (when I am extremely stressed) to the opera, but I do not listen to hip hop and rap. I love cooking (French, Japanese are among my specialities - I could do Italian, Austrian, German, and Continental, of course, as well), and dining out equally. I am a hopeless romantic but with realistic views on life - don't forget I am a Parisian:) I always put every female I come in contact with on the pedestal with the height of the latter dependent directly with the degree of the relationship we are in. For instance, I would buy a cup of coffee for a female, that is standing on the line at the coffee shop in front of me. I believe, in one - man - one woman relationship, and I do not cheat, lie, backstab nor do I betray. My firm belief, that the successful relationship between a guy and a girl is based upon mutual respect, reciprocal understanding, love, and friendship. Once, you would not have one of those pillars, then the entire structure of the relationship becomes wobbly and tumbles. I also believe in giving the girl a personal space, but my 'ear' and 'shoulder' is always available to her, whenever she'd need me. Love doing house chores, doing dishes, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, laundry, including folding, grocery shopping, not aversed to regular shopping, and I put the toilet lid down:) I love walking in the parks in the fall while shuffling the autumn leaves with my feet, or in the drizzly rain, when raindrops tick their song against the umbrella, or in the snowfall, when snowflakes slowly falling down in the light of the streetlights. Love drinking cocoa with marshmallows watching "Love Story', 'Casablanca', 'Sweet November', 'Forget Paris' and the rest of the movies of the type. Romantic comedies, comedies, romance, drama, good action flick, and an occasional Sci - Fi. Read books, that move you to the depths of your soul and make you reflect on the life. I am very adventurous, and love to travel within the country and abroad, and I love to travel impetuously or after careful planning. Love ocean, walking on the beach, hearing the waves break and whisper when they roll back into the ocean, sitting on the beach with closed eyes, and when you open them, see the ocean meeting the sun on the horizon. Love conversations from about existentialism to about nothing, just to have some laughs, and to tickle the mind of my conversations partner and, of course, my own. Have a tendency to observe people, their true emotions and their facades, therefore I like to sit at the 'Starbucks' and other small yet cozy coffee shops.