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Si Bon
42 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Seeking: Female 25 - 33
Hello world! Welcome to my story! Here i will share some things about my way of thinking, and my life experience.. So enjoy!! Things i value are; investing time into family, some good friendships (quality rather than quantity) , being comfortable, a good work ethic, education, communication, staying active always, and good character. My current aspirations are to always generate kindness (to all living creatures), positivity, to live a balanced life, to have a simple life, to have lots of time, to appreciate every moment of life, and to share it with others. I'm someone who is very disciplined with my decisions and most aspects of day to day life, so its not so difficult for me to achieve a balanced life. So far, i've been doing well with this. Each morning i go for a 50 minute walk before work in nature. Walking, exercise and eating well is a priority, before work. I'm not into drinking, or any kind of substance abuse. I practice healthy living. I also like dancing, and i'm quite good at that! I have my own small business and my work hours are scheduled around my highest priorities..So, in a sense, i manage to design my work hours around my life, rather than my life, around my work hours! I also like to do some writing, but no novel writing. I write and research ideas to do with motivation, psychology, philosophy, etc...(you get the drift). I try to read from time to time when i can... I'm not the funny guy, but i do appreciate a good laugh sometimes.. I like gentle people. Who are positive, optimistic, realistic and love learning, like myself. I also like people who don't give up, and always bounce back at life and manage to stay happy. As i see these people understand that life is not easy, but life is very very worth living and actually life is awesome, if we think correctly. I'm also not the capitalistic guy, who's only interest is making money and spending all my time doing that. If life could be exactly what i wanted, then i would rather have time to travel, enjoy what life has to offer, get a good education, eat and cook good food, create a small happy family, and live a quality simple and balanced life. Its taken me quite some time to design my life, but, as i grow, i see that i keep learning things that i didn't know, and things get better and better. After reading this, if you think we have some things in common, then send me a message and we can have a chat and take it from there!
47 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Seeking: Female 22 - 33
A cheeky passionate soul wandering this life searching for love, life and experiences :-p I seem born to travel; spontaneity, living, experiencing and immersing myself in other cultures is what drives me. My modality of travel varies from roughing it, camping to the luxurious resort trip. Whatever helps me breathe the culture of the country I am in. I am a night owl, hence my true love of Barcelona & Hong Kong. I believe mornings are meant for sleepy encounters, and the night for experiences. Honestly any relationship I have had with a morning person always presents a challenge, hence I really seek that person whom comes alive in the evening! I believe that we are born with free will, and love to utilise this free will to experience as much as I can in this lifetime. I do not subscribe to the average, do not believe in the picket fence 2 kids cat dog dream. I believe in living life to the best of my ability. I am a very passionate person. Passion for experiences is my motivator in life. For me without passion life is empty. Food & wine are some of my greatest pleasures. I love trying new restaurants, exploring wine regions of the world, giving my taste buds so many varied experiences. Cooking brings me great pleasure, sharing the tastes that I am so passionate about with other brings me such joy. Ultimately my best experiences have always been the shared ones. There is nothing like looking into the eyes of one you love, sharing the bond that moment has created. Knowing you will always carry that moment with you. And so here I am single, looking for that passionate soul who has a love of wandering the globe, seeking new experiences to share and grow with. What I love! Honesty, respect, food, wine, touch, smell, feel, experience, love, laughter, nature, sharing experiences, travel, touching someone in that personal way, loss, wandering, sleeping in, exploring restaurants, organic vegetables, farmers markets, teddy bears, sport, sailing, golf, hockey, pilates, feelings... "What is now proved was once only imagin'd". --William Blake



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